Brent Carter

A Texas native, Brent Carter Victoria TX came up on a local radio for Victoria. It started as lunches over some Tex-Mex food and a glass of iced tea, half sweet and half unsweetened with a good friend of his Ash Wade. After several conversations back and forth on news and recent events in Victoria and around the world, someone suggested they start their own local radio show.

But the story didn’t start there. Brent Carter was born in the coastal town of Corpus Christi, Texas. His family then moved to Victoria, Texas and Brent was raised there. Brent Carter Victoria tx native, gained his education from elementary to high school right in Victoria. Brent attended Smith Elementary, Howell Middle School, and Victoria High School. After successfully completing high school, Brent attended the University of Texas at Austin and earned a BBA in Finance.

For over 25 years, Brent Carter has been a insurance agent by day, selling insurance to clients across the state of Texas. Brent Carter offers insurance to his customers in areas of Texas such as Dallas, Houston, The Valley, and the Victoria/Rockport area. He uses insurance as a way to help people transfer, manage, or eliminate risk from their business and personal lives.

Aside from his successful career in insurance, once the idea of a radio show was born, Brent Carter thought why not and made it happen. Founding sponsors such as Vera Cruz Restaurant, Wendt Electrical, Civil Corp/The Office, Empire Lodge, and a few others helped make this happen overnight. And just like that the show was live and on the air in Victoria, Texas. Both Carter and his co-host Ash Wade have day jobs, but love doing this radio show for fun and to give back in a way to the people of Victoria. They feel as if there is a ton of topics to be discussed over lunch. If you happen to ever be in that area, feel free to join them to listen in on their discussion of many topics during your lunch hour.

On his off time, Brent Carter is a sports enthusiast. Some of his favorite teams are the Houston Astros, Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurts, and all of the University of Texas sports teams. Brent also enjoys time with his children. He is the father of three children, who enjoy sports just as much as he does, Kendall, Katie, and Kyle. He also enjoys golfing, hunting, and fishing. Brent is very involved in his Christian upbringing. His hope with the radio show is to be as funny and as entertaining on air as they are sitting at a table in their favorite restaurant.